Invest. Improve. Innovate.

SIG (Saudi Investment Group) is an investment group that:

  • invests in assets & closely manages its participations,
  • provides corporate finance, management & strategy advisory services to third parties.

Saudi Investment Group (SIG) is a leading global investment vehicle with assets under management in the sectors of healthcare, sports & leisure, real estate (commercial & residential).

SIG offers a range of alternative and traditional investment strategies to investors (institutional and private) around the world.

Founded in 2014, the Company seeks to provide its investors with risk-adjusted returns in a management structure that closely aligns the interests of investors and managers. SIG has continued to evolve from a dedicated private equity investment firm to a diversified asset management company.

SIG’s core competencies include:

Asset-Based: SIG invests, mainly in asset-based business and brings significant experience in investing broadly and deeply in a diverse set of asset types. SIG’s expertise extends to pricing, owning, financing and overseeing the management of physical & financial assets ranging from real estate and capital assets to financial assets secured by diversified long-term cash flows.

Industry Knowledge: SIG has deep knowledge of the industries in which it invests. In the course of executing investments and operating portfolio companies, Saudi Investment Group has developed a team of investment professionals with significant sector-specific expertise and relationships with leading companies, institutions, family offices, HNWI & UHNWI worldwide.

Operations Management: SIG has refined a set of tools for assessing operational, structural and strategic challenges. These tools allow SIG to engage in and extract value from complex investments.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions: Our experience in mergers and acquisitions enables us to work with corporate boards of directors, management and various stakeholders in order to determine optimal structuring and execution of an investment.

Capital Markets: SIG has capital markets expertise & knowledge and has the capacity in securing low-cost, low-risk financing for its investments by accessing international capital markets (debt & equity).

The Strategy

SIG’s principals believe that attractive opportunities are found not by slavishly following the latest fashions in investing, but rather by solid due diligence and attention to fundamentals.
Thus, it largely avoided global investment trends that easily meltdown and continues to invest in:

  • Healthcare (which in the past had represented and will continue to represent the largest single segment of SIG’s investment portfolio)
  • Real Estate (residential & commercial)
  • Sports
  • Marine International Services
  • Naval Services & Maritime Administration
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Commodities (mainly in physical trading)
  • Mines & Minerals
  • Other opportunities, which address continuing persistent societal needs or wants

SIG’s Investment Criteria

Committed Management
SIG looks for high-caliber teams with industry experience and a demonstrated ability to deliver results. Management must have meaningful financial stakes in the success of the company. If a management team needs to be supplemented but is otherwise strong, SIG will assist in identifying and recruiting additional management talent.

Competitive Advantage
SIG looks for proprietary advantages or discontinuities that can be exploited for financial gain. They may consist of unique intellectual property, dominant product lines, valuable commercial relationships, or technological advantages and a proven business model with above average growth opportunities.

Attractive Exit
Close attention is paid to the way in which SIG can realize a gain on each transaction. Each portfolio company has its own particular situation and circumstances, and SIG examines likely exit possibilities before investing.

Size, Stage and Sector
SIG’s investment ticket is between $2 million to $25 million, in companies and or projects and prefers to invest alongside other strong financial players to provide maximum value to the company and to ensure the availability of adequate growth capital.

SIG introduces its limited partners to opportunities that may have investment requirements larger than it feels comfortable underwriting. SIG considers opportunities from early-stage to later-stage growth capital and PE
We are geography agnostic, but we do prefer and we have previous experience in Emerging and Frontier workers