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Current investment opportunity

Our client is one of the biggest manufacturers of electronic devices within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
It is considered the only manufacturer in the Gulf region to such products
The factory has all the necessary licenses for the production and assembly of all electronic devices such as TV – mobile – tablet – laptop – surveillance cameras – tracking remote camera, lighting bulbs (LED) and household appliances.



The company is registered under the Commercial Register No. 4030066480 dated 21/01/1410 H, and its opening date and celebration of the start of operation of the plant and display its products was in 1424 in the presence of the late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, “God bless his soul” and a group of Their Highnesses Princes

The company’s headquarters is located in the industrial area (the fourth stage) in Jeddah on an area of about 15,000 square meters (fifteen thousand)

an area of 4000 square meters has been allocated to the administrative buildings and other area of 4400 square meters was assigned to the production, operation and storage buildings

the capital of the company at the date of preparation this proposal according to the latest balance sheet issued by the chartered accountant of the company on 31/12/2015 is an amount of SAR 91,172,900 while the accumulated losses to that date is SAR 38,275,504 and the net amount of the ownership equity is SAR 52,897,396

Advantages of this deal

Moral advantages
The company is considered a positive shift in the national industries and market window that the world overlooks through it to the Saudi market for the technology and electronic industries, which works to attract many of the mega investments in this area, particularly the Saudi market and the market of the Gulf in general


Competitive advantages
the company is considered as a unique company of its kind in the market because it is the only entity in this area, both within the Kingdom or in the Gulf region

Also, in comparison with foreign products the company’s products are considered sovereign in the priority of selling its products the Saudi market for all government agencies and other public sectors in the Kingdom based on the Royal Karim order issued to the company by giving its sales a priority for these parties even in the case of higher prices for the company’s products by up to 20% against foreign products
Market advantages
Arabian Gulf market and Arab markets rounded it are considered the future of the most important target outlets for the company’s products, especially that these products will be the best in their terms of economic prices and technological quality as well as proximity to the spatial and temporal to meet the needs of these markets.

Advantages associated with manner of sale
Of the most important advantages associated with this investment is a mechanism and method of purchase of the company available to investors who want to do so as there are multiple options are compatible with all desires were taking into account the ease and flexibility of these options and its desire to encourage investors and motivate them to conclude this transaction, and these options are:

The first option sale of the entire company’s factory
Find an investor who buys the entire company with its rights and obligations according to the fair market value of the company at the time of the agreement of sale, through one of the following proposals:

Cash basis purchase in full amount
In this case, the buyer evaluates the company according to its fair market value at the time of the date of purchase and pay the entire amount in cash  

Purchase installment system:
a. Through the buyer to pay a down payment ranging from 10 to 25% (from ten to twenty five percent) of the value of sales, which will be agreed upon
b. The obligation to pay the rest of the price during a period (between six to nine months) from the date of payments

The second option leasing the company for period of time to be agreed upon
The company offered a serious investor wants to hire a company full of its assets for a certain period to be agreed upon (ten years), subject to renewal by mutual agreement, according to which:

1) The agreement on the amount of annual fixed rent is paid on a semi-annual installments
2) the tenant’s obligation to pay a royalty fee for the working of the company name, including 3% (three                  percent) of the total annual value of sales
3) The company partners Saudi television factory the right to appoint an observer annual accounts and have the right to access to the approved annual budgets and to discuss the state of the items

There are also other options available through participating funding or assign the factory management company for a specific period of time system

Additional benefits to be provided by Sumo Al-Majeedia Trading Co. to prospective investors

In addition to the investor to enjoy all the possibilities available to the company and his initiation of the production and operation of the plant, Sumo Al-Majeedia Trading Co. has prepared a study for a huge national a project named (Electronic City) and has taken initial steps to register the adoption of this project and is expected to achieve a very profitable return with an estimated net annual profit between SAR 150 to 200 million and this project will be presented to the investor to be accomplished through the factory according to the participation rates will be agreed upon between him and Sumo Al-Majeedia