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Concept ‘Experience’

Each  of  the tree house rooms will  be  individually  and  sensitively designed, tailor – made  to  incorporate as much  of   their   own   host  tree’s   distinctive features and character as possible. By  combining traditional  local  designs and craftsmanship  with Bayan Lodge  own innovative  tree  house structures, wewill   create stylish ‘living areas’ in the trees which blend organically into their natural surroundings. Guests will  enjoy  complete peace and  privacy as the  tree rooms stand  in  their own  small preserves of nature. Wind Savers and Boreholes would provide autonomy energy and water;


Novel access walkways will allow old and young alike to climb with ease from the  ground  into  the forest  canopy where  the tree rooms have been built. Totally self-sufficient, all  rooms will  have spacious bedrooms, en-suite treetop bathrooms and  deck-verandas. We will  design  the  rooms in  such  a  way that  the sides can be raised  at will, opening from all angles a stunning, 180°, panoramic vista of  the surrounding forest, even whilst lying in bed.

Of  utmost  concern  to us will  be  maintaining a  delicate balance; of protection from the  elements and  wildlife, whilst simultaneously ensuring guests experience the exhilaration  which  comes from living  enveloped  by nature.


Each room will  be simply yet elegantly equipped, with everything, down to the smallest detail, exhibiting  a touch of  sheer class. The furnishings will be an African  celebration of   luxurious natural  textures; from cool  linen   sheets to hand-woven hyacinth carpets, from fragrant  fallen-wood furniture to thick cotton towels. Guests may choose to  sit  quietly  on  their deck-verandas, contemplating the lovely views and  listening  to  the  symphony  of  birdsong in the forest around them. Our tree top bathrooms will  allow guests to  bathe  in total  seclusion and comfort to a choice of illumination, either by soft solar lamp-light  or by  starlight and moonlight. Falling asleep in a  tree room is a delight, absorbing the  evocative sounds and  scents of  the African night while  being gently lulled to sleep by the breeze in the trees.


Our unique Spa – Bayan Loutra has been inspired by culture, nature and  history. The 5  senses  Smell, Hearing, Touch, Taste  and  Sight are treated  with  smell  of fresh  flowers, sound  of the calm  water, touch of  a professional to bring relaxation via massage, taste of fresh fruits and a calming sight to ring harmony to the heart, mind and body. 

Kuramathi Spa (5)

On occasion guests might like privacy or a romantic candle-lit dinner for two, in  which  case they  can have  their  meals served on their own private deck- verandas. Otherwise they  can join other like-minded guests at the lodge’s shared dining area. The dining  platform will be perched in large trees which overhang the water’s edge. Here guests can enjoy their meals whilst  observing Sykes’ Monkeys swing through the branches or watching jeweled  kingfishers dart  from perch to water. Meals will  provide ample choice  for everyone. From exquisitely prepared traditional African  cuisine  redolent  of  spice and  rich in flavor, to gourmet west- ern cookery, to simple yet tasty comfort food – something often longed for when far from home. An  ideally situated viewing platform will be linked  to  the dining area by a secure   rope-bridge walkway. This will have plenty  of  comfortable seating, a comprehensive, informative  reference  library and  a fully stocked  bar. Built in the boughs of a  tree and overlooking the water, one  will be able  to chat with fellow guests and local staff members, or just sit and watch [wild] life go by. It will be the perfect  spot to  contemplate  the sun setting over the forest, whilst enjoying a long cool ‘sundowner’.


Our friendly and highly professional local staff will attend to each detail of the running   of the lodge, ensuring our guests are taken  excellent care of. They’ll be encouraged to engage with visitors providing a personal and informative aspect to each person’s stay with us. Their traditional dress, customs and  foods will  form an integral part of the ‘tree house experience’ and serve to bridge the gap between cultures. One of  Bayan Lodge’ objectives in this endeavor is to open channels of communication  between guests and staff and so engender visitors’ interest  and involvement in the communities to which our staff belong.


The lodge will provide the perfect environment to adjust to the rhythms of nature, far from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Time will  be dictated by the rising and  setting  of  the  sun, the only  alarm clock  the  soft call of an Emerald Spotted Wood Dove. The unobtrusive yet  ingeniously  designed infinity pool  will be an idyllic spot to spend the  heat  of  the day, lazing  in the  clear waters  while marveling  at the rich  tapestry of  forest life all around. We won’t organize our guests’ days for them unless they’d  like us to. When they’re ready to  experience a new  adventure, whether it  be in the biodiversity-rich surroundings or in the not too distant villages vibrant with life, we’ll be ready to guide them into it.