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Global Farming Solutions provides…

Agricultural management and consulting, employing state-of-the-art technology, experience, and knowledge in all aspects of farming.


Constantly improved yields, efficiency, and cash flow by utilizing western farm management techniques.


Un-paralleled services to both investors and clients in the Agri-business industry.


  • Large Scale Management (over 30,000 HA)
  • Management of Scale Up Projects (From Pilot to Large Scale)
  • Development of Turn Key Projects for Implementation
  • Virgin Land Development
  • Irrigation Management – pivot & gravity
  • Consulting services on new or existing projects
  • Advance Precision Farming Implementation
  • Continual development of new practices for growing success.



Competitive Advantages

    • Location DiversityOver 25 years of experience
      • Farming expertise garnered from management, consulting and benchmarkingagricultural projects on 4 Continents
      • Locations include: Brazil, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Gambia, Guinea, Panama, United States, Ukraine, and Zambia.

    in Agronomy, Farm Management and Business Management

    • The only Agriculture consulting company

    with large scale, on the ground, management experience in Ukraine, Africa, Brazil and USA.


Service Recipients

Fund Groups, Private Sector Groups, Endowments, and Individuals.


Cropping Experience

Maize, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Corn, Rice, Wheat, Winter Barley, Sorghum, Yellow Peas, Chick Peas, Oats, Rape, Canola, Buckwheat, Spring Wheat, Papaya, and Eucalyptus
(expanding every year)

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